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Finger Printing

Uncompromised Quality . Results Verified


Castles Notary Fingerprinting and Consulting Services is a reputable company that offers efficient fingerprint services to individuals and businesses in need of accurate and reliable background checks. Our fingerprint services can be performed in our office, or we can come to the client’s preferred location for added convenience.


If you’ve never been fingerprinted before, the process can seem daunting. However, we aim to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. To get started, you’ll need to determine which state regulatory agency your fingerprints need to be sent to and obtain the ORI number. Your employer or licensing agency will typically provide you with this information.

Once you have the necessary information, you can schedule an appointment with us using our convenient online appointment system. Simply complete the appointment information section on our website, and you will receive a confirmation email regarding your preferred day and time.

On the day of your appointment, come to our location at your scheduled time to be scanned. You will need at least one form of government-issued identification, preferably a Florida driver’s license or identification card. Please note that we do not accept personal checks but do accept cash, business checks, credit cards (Visa/Mastercard), cashier checks, and money orders. The entire process takes approximately 10-15 minutes, and the scan will be submitted immediately. You’ll be given a receipt with the submission transaction number and other pertinent information.

Once you’ve completed the scan, you’ll need to have your employer or licensing agency review your results. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement asks that applicants wait at least 3-5 business days to receive their results. Please note that we do not receive or review the results, and any inquiries regarding the scan or the results should be directed to the applicable state regulatory agency or the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (850) 410-8161 using the supplied submission transaction number.


At Castles Notary Fingerprinting and Consulting Services, we pride ourselves on providing efficient and reliable fingerprint services. However, we do not issue refunds under any circumstances once the scan has been submitted. Please be certain that the information you provided is accurate as once it is received by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, it will be processed exactly as it was submitted and cannot be changed.

Notary Services

Fast, Reliable Notary Services

Our team at Castles Notary Fingerprinting Service and Consulting Services is equipped with skilled Public Notaries to cater to all your notary service requirements. Our Online Professional Fingerprinting Services can verify, sign, and notarize your documents to validate their authenticity.


We offer notary services for various documents such as Affidavits, Wills, Power of Attorney, Property Deeds, Court Documents, Oaths/Affirmations, Articles of Incorporation, Loan Documents, Custody and Guardianship Agreements, Advanced Directives, Commercial Leases, Employment Contracts, Real Estate Documents, and much more.


Our Notary Public will check your identification, confirm that you are signing the document voluntarily, and not under any duress. We take pride in ensuring that your documents are properly signed, sealed, and delivered, providing you with peace of mind and avoiding any legal issues that may arise in the future.

Our goal is to make the notarization process convenient and hassle-free for you. You can schedule an appointment with our Notary Public at our office or have them meet you at a location of your choice. Trust us to handle your documents with care and professionalism.

Why Us

Experienced . Professional . Efficient . Reliable

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Our team has years of experience in the industry, providing clients with knowledgeable and dependable service. We use our expertise to ensure accurate and thorough results, giving you peace of mind.



We are dedicated professionals committed to delivering the highest level of service to our clients. Our work is fueled by a sense of pride and integrity, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction. You can trust us for all your needs.



Our efficient service ensures that your needs are met quickly and accurately. We prioritize your time and guarantee a smooth and seamless experience, every time. Trust us for fast and reliable service.



At Castles Notary Fingerprinting and Consulting Services, we provide reliable service you can count on. Our team is dedicated to meeting your needs and ensuring accurate, thorough results every time.

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